Anadolu Micronize was established in Nigde in 2004 where the purest and widest calcite deposits exist. Anadolu Micronize has 11.000 m2 indoor space and 80.000 m² open space and 250.000 tons of production capacity per year. Factory of Anadolu Micronize which is equipped with 100% automatic control system using the newest technological opportunities has the biggest ball mill in Turkey.

Anadolu Micronize, having ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 quality and management certificates, adopted quality as a standard and adopted keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level the philosophy as a fundamental belief.

 Head Office (Factory)
Kayseri Yolu Uzeri, 5.Km Hidirlik Mevkii NIGDE
Tel   : 0388 233 33 03 pbx
Faks: 0388 233 92 57